The Drumbeat 2000 & Macromedia Saga

  Subject: Another Phone Conversation with Macromedia
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 22:09:53 -0400
From: Rick Curtis
Newsgroups: macromedia.ultradev, macromedia.drumbeat, macromedia.drumbeat.ecommerce

I had another conversation with Beth Davis at MM last week. We talked
about what things MM could do to better communicate with DB users and
others about UD. It was a good conversation. We discussed the issue of
what MM can and can't say yet about UD based on issues with competitors
and the FCC. Here are the things we talked about:

* MM has talked about the FCC rules about what they can say. Most of us
don't know what this is about. I asked her to clarify and point
interested folks to a Web site to see what the rules really are.
* We talked about announcing when real info would be released. Even
knowing that something will come out on May 15 would be helpful. She
agreed that this would be good to do.
* Begining to post Tutorials NOW about how to migrate DB sites to UD.
This can be done without giving away underlying UD technology. She
agreed that this is possible.
* Provide DB users with a free upgrade to DW so that they can learn the
interface. She said she would look into this (clearly a cost issue for
MM). She said that is was possible to extend the DW trial version for
another 30 days. That would give people 60 days on the trial version,
enough time to get to UD. She thought this could be done for DB users so
that work now in DW could continue until UD is released. (I just hate it
when those things time out ;)
* She also agreed that the MM Web Site should be updated so that it
doesn't still run the Elemental Acquisition FAQ which stated that "
Beth followed through on this request. The Drumbeat page now has a new
page that says that DB is being replaced by UD. At least new customers
(who look here) know the truth.
*Also the DB system requirements page which used to say "Windows 2000 is
currently not supported" NOW says "Windows 2000 is currently not
supported, nor are there plans to support Windows 2000 in the future"

So our efforts have AT LEAST gotten MM to be more responsible in their
advertising on DB.

Beth said that she will try and get us info as soon as it is possible.

Rick Curtis