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The Concept of "Efficiency" in Economics

Some Perspectives on the National Economy: Enjoy the Party While it Lasts

The Next Debate in Health Care: What Next in this Age-Old Civil War?

Bold Prediction

Modeling Tax Deductibility as Ad Valorem Subsidies

All-Volunteer Army

100-Welfare Economic Analysis of the Military Draft

Health Manpower Forecasting: The Case of Physician Supply

Development and Implementation of a National Telehealth Project for Long-Term Care: A Preliminary Study

The Health Care Systems of Germany and Switzerland

Divide et Impera: Protecting the Growth of Health Care Income (Costs)

Introductory Korean Drama

Capital Budgeting: How a Business Firm Decides Whether or Not to Acquire Durable Real Assets

Benefits in Kind

Tax-Deductibility as a Tax-Financed Government Subsidy

The Welfare Economics of Health Insurance

The Concepts of "Efficiency" and "Economic Welfare" in the Context of Health Care

Landsburg on Military Draft. "Price Theory and Applications." Steven E. Landsburg. University of Rochester.

How Economists Bastardized Benthamite Utilitarianism

The Construct of Lorenz Curves and of the Gini-Coeficient to Depict Degrees in Inequality in Health Care

On the Not So Simple Steps Involved in Starting a Business Venture

What is the "Wealth" of a Nation?

How Much is a Building Worth?

What is the "Wealth" of a Nation?

The Economics of Employment-Based Health Insurance

Amortization Table for Mortgages

M.D. Andersen

That'll Be $135 For Your First Lecture

On the Economics of the Pharmaceutical Industry

An "All-American" Health Reform Proposal

The Art of Siffing Among Seasoned Adults: Can Economists be Trusted?

Cost Effectiveness Analysis

Health Care Sails Into a Perfect Storm: Will Obama Come to the Rescue?

Keeping Health Care Afloat: The United States Versus Canada

Living within Limits -- Practical Lessons and Moral Choices: Where Economics meets Ethics

Why any Health Care System, at any Time, Anywhere on Earth, Will Always be a Mishegaz

Why the French are to Blame for America's Banking Crisis