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The Prud'homme group engages in productive research partnerships with a number of groups in industry. Topics of investigation range from drug develeopment and pharmaceuticals to energy and oil production.

Within academia, some research groups that we work with (or have worked with) include*:

Phil Low - Nanoparticle targeting (Purdue University)

Pat Sinko - Pharmaceuticals (Rutgers)

Yiguang Ju - Upconverting nanophosphors (Princeton)

Bob Austin - Photophysics, cancer research (Princeton)

Howard Stone - Microfluidics (Princeton)

Saad Khan - Associating polymers (NCSU)

Bob Kelley - Enzyme studies (NC State)

Yannis G. Kevrekidis - Simulations of self assembly for nanoparticles (Princeton)

Thanos Panagiotopoulos - Simulations of self assembly for nanoparticles (Princeton)

Ilhan Aksay - Nanocomposites of functional graphene (Princeton)

Chris Macosko - Reactive nanoparticle formation (U. Minn.)

Tom Hoye - Reactive nanoparticle formation (U. Minn.)

Rodney Fox - Computational fluid mechanics for mixing (Iowa State)

Jyotsana Lal - Neutron scattering (Argonne Nat'l Labs)

Dieter Richter - Polymers for wax crystallization (Forschungszentrum Jülich)


*This listing is non-comprehensive and may contain errors. Please send corrections to Vikram Pansare.


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