Mustafa Akbulut

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Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
University of California, Santa Barbara, CA (2001-7)

"Physical, electrical, and chemical processes at shearing junctions"
Professor Jacob Israelachvili

BS Honors in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry
Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey 1996-2001



Lab location: A 306 E-Quad


Research Interests

i) Dynamics in confining nanoparticles systems

One of my research interests is to investigate the normal and lateral forces between surfaces across thin films of composite nanoparticle systems. In addition, I am interested in understanding the relationship between adhesion (normal forces), friction (lateral forces), and the conformations of particles for such systems.

ii) Kinetics of nucleation and growth

Another area of my research interest is to study the kinetic of nucleation and growth of soft-condensed matter such as flash precipitated polymeric nanoparticles. In this respect, I am currently investigating how block lengths of amphiphilic block copolymers control assembly process in the diffusion limited aggregation/precipitation.

iii) Shear-induced crystallization in thin liquid films

I am also interested in studying shear-induced phase transition and crystallization in thin films under confinement. I used highly anisotropic cyanine dye molecules in thin water films to investigate these effects.


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