RKP Group Members

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Our Fearless Leader:
Professor Robert K. Prud'homme

Faculty Assistant :
Jackie Armstrong

Visiting Research Collaborators:
Dr. Bill Faenza, Persis Science Inc.

Senior Scientists:
Dr. Brian Pethica

Post Doctoral Researchers:
Adam York
Christina Tang


Graduate Students:
Vikram Pansare
Nathalie Pinkerton
Carlos Figueroa
Bryan Benson
Christopher V.H-H. Chen
Robert Pagels
Long Chen
Chris Sosa


Undergraduate Students:
Lawrence Chang
Jasmine Edelstein
Andreia Fenley

Recent Alumni:

Dr. Suzanne D'Addio (Merck)
Dr. Siyan Zhang
Dr. Lei Shi (Firmenich)
Dr. Varun Kumar (Alnylym)
Dr. Brian Figura (Lubrizol)
Dr. Stephanie Budijono (Firmenich)
Dr. Shuyang Pan (BASF)
Dr. Mustafa Akbulut (Texas A&M, Chemical Engineering)
Dr. Ting Chen (University of California, Berkeley)
Dr. Marian Gindy (Merck & Co.)
Dr. Jack Tinsley (BASF SE)
Dr. Lin Fu (Dow)
Dr. Margarita Herrera-Alonso, (Johns Hopkins University)
Dr. Bulent Ozbas, (Air Products)
Dr. Ying Liu, (University of Illinois at Chicago)
David Franco, (Researcher at Sandia National Labs)
Dr. Walid Saad, (Senior Scientist at Schering-Plough Research Institute in Summit, NJ)
Dr. Wanwipa Siriwatwechakul, (Manager at B.M Pharmacy)
Dr. Debra Auguste, (Assistant Professor at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA)

Complete Listing of Alumni

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