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This is scheduling sheet for the RKP MCR 501 Rheometer. Contact Nathalie to sign up, and tell her what time slot you'd like, and what tool(s) and accesory you plan to use. (Signups are done up to a week in advance.) If you plan to use the rheometer outside of regular hours, make sure you have access to A404 (in case no one is there to let you in).

The available tools and accessories are:

- A peltier plate accessory (with optional hood), maximum temperature of 200 C, which can be used with a parallel plate
(25mm, 50mm, or 50mm serrated), or cone (25mm and 2 degree angle or 50mm and 2 degree angle).
- An electric plate, maximum temperature of 400 C, which can be used with any of the tools listed above.
- A peltier controlled concentric cyclinder (with optional hood), which can be used with a single or double walled couette bob.
- A convection oven, for use with the SER extensional rheology tool or use with the 25mm cone/plate or plate/plate.
- An in-house designed disposable tool for cement rheology.
- A series of disposable bottom plates, which can be affixed to the peltier plate element. (The plates are naturally smooth, but we also have plates of various roughness to avoid slip).




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