Welcome! I am the Director of Studies at Princeton University's Mathey College, where I have the privilege of working with undergraduates to make the most of their college experience at one of the world's finest universities.

I am also a sociologist whose research has explored the intersections between culture, morality, and social inequality in numerous scholarly articles and book chapters; my first book Wal-Mart Wars: Moral Populism in the 21st Century was published by NYU Press in 2013. For more information about any of these works, please see the links above. Thanks for visiting!

About Wal-Mart Wars — NYU Press

This is first-rate sociology, deftly packaged to offer insight for both academic and popular audiences. Social advocacy groups would do well to look to Massengill's findings for advice on crafting their messages on economic issues.

→ Elizabeth Winter, Library Journal

This excellent book will convert those who still think that the economy is devoid of meanings, judgments, and emotions. Wal-Mart Wars is an important contribution to the growing scholarship on markets and morals, and a must-read for anyone who cares about how and why Americans argue about economic issues.

→ Nina Bandelj, Associate Professor, University of California at Irvine