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Howard Rosenthal

Roger Williams Straus Professor of Social Sciences, Professor of Politics

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Department of Politics
Corwin Hall
Princeton University

Princeton, NJ 08540

Office location

031 Corwin Hall

Spring '04 office hours

Wednesdays 1:30-3:00


Telephone 609-258-4768
Fax 609-258-1110

You can find more information about the following:


 Vita (HTML) (PDF)



 POL 348/ECO 348 Politics and Finance--Spring Semester, 2000-01 Syllabus




Politics, Public Policy, and Inequality: A Look Back at the Twentieth Century, forthcoming Social Inequality, Russell Sage Foundation.

Political Polarization and Income Inequality (working paper with N. McCarty and K. T. Poole)

Analyzing Roll Calls with Perfect Spatial Voting: France 1946-58 (with E. Voeten, forthcoming American Journal of Political Science)

Politically Determined Income Inequality and the Provision of Public Goods (with W. Olszewski, forthcoming Journal of Public Economic Theory)s

Political Intervention in Debt Contracts: Moratoria and Bailouts: Forthcoming Journal of Political Economy (with Patrick Bolton)

GAUSS program for "Rentier Model" in Political Intervention Paper

GAUSS program for "Wealthy Farmer Model" in Political Intervention Paper

Keith Poole's Homepage and Voteview Software

Congress: A Political Economic History of Roll Call Voting (Oxford University Press)

Partisan Politics, Divided Government, and the Economy (Cambridge University Press)

Income Redistribution and the Realignment of American Politics (American Enterprise Institute)

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