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What are these molecules, and why are they interesting? Click on each molecule for more information.

Molecular bowls and clefts (1997)

The 2nd most highly twisted polycyclic aromatic compound (1997) (see below for No. 1)

How did we get the fluorine atom to point inside? (1998)

A "zeolitic" molecular crystal (2000)

The tristeroid at last! (2001)

A polyphenylene macrocycle (2003)

The most highly twisted polycyclic aromatic compound is here! (2004)

The first in-methylcyclophane (2005)

C1-C5 thermal cyclizations of enediynes (2008)

The first in-ketocyclophane (2010)

A barely in-aminophane (2012)

A silicon anvil crushes hydrogens! (2013)

A twisty "hairpin furan" (2015)

Most of the projects described above were supported by grants from the National Science Foundation. These are gratefully acknowledged.


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