Courses in Sephardi/Mizrahi studies

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem.[Hebrew]

David Bunis, "Beginning Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)", B.A. course.
    "       "      , "Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) - Language and Culture". B.A. Course.
Aldina Quintana, "Ladino and Iberian Languages Until the 16th Century (Linguistic Studies)". B.A.
Aldina Quintana, "Ladino (Judeo-Spanish): Phonetics and Written Structure". B.A.
Michal Held, "Ladino Literature (Judeo-Spanish) From the Spanish Expulsion until the Modern Age", B.A.
Michal Held, "Ladino Literature (Judeo-Spanish) in the Modern Age". B.A.
David Bunis, "Ladino (Judeo-Spanish): Textual Reading from the Modern Period". M.A.
David Bunis, "Ladino (Judeo-Spanish): Chapters in the History of the Language", M.A.
David Bunis, "Advanced Ladino: Topics in Grammar".  M.A.
I.Tirosh Becker, "Introduction to Modern Judeo-Arabic - Language and Culture", B.A.
I.Tirosh Becker, Spoken Judeo-Arabic Language in North Africa". B.A.
L. Pariti Cuomo, "Translations of Songs of Songs from Arabic in the Italian Renaissance: Christians and Jews". M.A. and 3rd
       year  B.A.
Haggai Ben-Shammai, "Reading Intellectual Texts in Judeo-Arabic", M.A.
Shmuel Shaked, "Early Judeo-Persian - Texts from the Geniza", M.A.
Amnon Netzer, "Judeo-Persian Literature", M.A.
M.Bar-Asher, "Studies in Oral and Written Linguil Traditions".M.A.
S. Morag, Y. Breuer, and I. Tirosh Becker, "The Cultural Traditions and Heritage of Yemenite Jewry". M.A.
K. Katz, "Typologies of Speech: The Hebrew of the Oriental Jews - Processes of Continuity and Change". M.A.

"Seminario de la Historia y Cultura de los Sefardies. Fin de la Etapa Iberica y Comienzos de la Diaspora Sefaradi". It is
a postgraduate course sponsored by El Centro de Investigacion y Difusion de la Cultura Sefaradi (CIDICSEF)
of La Federacion Sefaradi Latinoamericana (FeSeLa). Held at Agregaduria Cultural de la Embajada de Espana en Buenos
Aires and taught by  Mario  Cohen, Celina Lertora Mendoza and Jose Menasce.  For more information write to CIDICSEF,
FeSeLa.  Paraguay 1535, Codigo Postal 1061 Buenos Aires, Argentina.
FAX:(54-1) 814-0890. TEL:(54-1) 812-4995.

Vidas Largas, Judeo-Spanish course. Wednesdays, every two weeks, 16.30 and 20.30.
U.I.S.F., 12 Rue Pavis de Chavannes, Paris.

Judeo-Spanish course  with Prof.  Haim Vidal Sephiha, Mondays at  18.30 and 20.30,
Centre Edmond Fleg, 8bis Rue de l'Eperon. Paris.

Judeo-Spanish courses with Marie-Christine Varol, Inalco (Institut National de Langues et Cultures Orientales).
106 Quai de Clichy. Paris.  It is held every other Wednesday at the Universite Sefarade Europeanne, 52 rue des Vignes, 75016
Paris. TEL: (1)42244141. Universidad Sefaradi Evropea.

Aug. 15-19, 1999. Ladino Language and Culture Course for teachers, activists, and adult education groups. Jerusalem, Israel.
200 NIS registration due by July 15, 1999.
Israel Ladino Authority, PO Box 2310, Jerusalem, Israel.
Tels:972-2-6235995,6243068 FAX:972-2-6259791

Judith Cohen & Tamar Cohen Adams will present workshops in Sephardi
music for KlezKanada, the Canadian offshoot of KlezKamp, near Montreal,
August 18-22  1999.
For info. contact: "Judith R. Cohen" <>