Ma'amadot, according to the entry  under  Seder Hama'amadot  in  the Encyclopedia  of  Jewish Prayer (Nulman) is:
"Separate sections  of scriptural, mishnaic, and talmudic selections for each day  of  the week, recited after the Shaharit service.  These recitals have their origin in the Temple days...The custom  of  these  recitals  was  retained  after  the destruction.  Reading portions of  the Mishnah and Talmud dealing with the sacrifices was added as well, and each day's recital was followed by different supplications...

Based  on  LC's collection, the  Maamadot  are published together with Psalms.  None of  LC's MARC records bring out  the Ma'amadot in  the  subjects, although  one  record  provides  a  730  Seder Ma'amadot for  the  text itself.  For  your work,  I  would  also suggest  a descriptive access  point,  and  the addition  of  the subject "Judaism--Liturgy--Texts."  There  should  be  a  topical heading  of  the  pattern  "TYPE  OF LITURGY--Liturgy--Texts," in accordance with SCM  H 2190, but  we will have to  give that some further thought.

LC's Hebraica Team  is  currently reconsidering the treatment  of several liturgical works.  In the past, it  had been the practice
to  assign  "UNIFORM TITLE--Liturgy--Texts" for  those  cases  in which   a  suitable topical heading  was  not  readily available, however,  this  practice  is   not  authorized  (e.g.,   630   00 Zemirot$xLiturgy$xTexts).

Instead, we  are trying  to develop appropriate topical headings. The uniform title  of  the  work  should  only  be assigned as  a
subject access  point  if  the  item  in  hand  is  or includes a commentary or criticism of the liturgical work.


Clarification regarding Ma'amadot. This is  an individual work of readings  alongside  the   formal  liturgy,  published  in   many
editions. For  that reason it  is preferable not  to  assign  the subject, Judaism--Liturgy--Texts, but  rather  Jewish  devotional
calendars, although in pre-AA2, we used  the uniform title: Jews. Liturgy and ritual. Readings. Ma'amadot. We  do have the call no. BM675.R44 which  we  will continue to assign for  this particular work.

Theodore Wiener

According to Ted Wiener, the local  LC liturgical specialist,  "Ma'amadot" is  not  a term describing a fixed, canonical set  of
 texts, but is  a more general term describing a type of text.  As  such  it  should  not  be established as  a  uniform  title.   LC
 practice,  according  to  Ted,  is   to  enter  works  containing  "ma'amadot" under  editor  or  title proper; the  subject heading
 assigned is "Jewish devotional calendars" and  the classification  is BM724.     Joan

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   KRC:a    NMU:a    CRC:c   UPN:n   SBU:a   SBC:a   DID:n    DF:05-14-96
   RFE:a    CSC:c    SRU:b   SRT:n   SRN:n   TSS:n   TGA:?   ROM:?   MOD:
   VST:p 05-14-96
   010    nr 96018324
   040    CSt-HC$cCSt-HC
   130  0 Ma'amadot
   430  0 Seder Ma'amadot
   670    [Ma'amadot], 18--?:$bp. 1 (Ma'amadot le-yom rishon)
   670    RLIN, 5/14/96$b(hdg.: Ma'madot; usage: Seder Ma'amadot)
   670    Encyclopedia of Jewish Prayer, 1993$b(Seder Ma'amadot; Separate sections of scriptural, mishnaic, and talmudic selections for each day of the  week, recited after the Shaharit service)
   675    Ency. Judaica, c1972.