Rumi Club

Rumi Club

Rumi Club

Rumi Club

Rumi Club

Rumi Club for Interfaith Dialogue

Past  Events

Campuswide Interfaith Iftar Dinner

~ Get Hungry for Change ~

November 9, Tuesday 4:55 pm
Friend Center Convocation Room

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Eat Sweet, Talk Sweet

Celebrate with us the International Day for Tolerance

November 16, Tuesday 4:30 pm
Murray Dodge

"What can the believers do for a better world while the humanity moves from positivism back to transcendence?"

Positivism was probably the strongest intellectual trend of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  It culminated in Nietzsche’s words: "God is dead."  Yet a panoramic look at world history reveals that religions have survived the tides of intellectual trends, and religion is once again in the rise in the aftermath of modernity.  On November 16, the International Day for Tolerance, we, the believers, want to acknowledge this rise and discuss what we can do in order to avoid the repetition of our past mistakes in the future

Sounds of Islam
A feast of Sufi Music, and Qur'an Recitation

Help not Hurt
Lessons of Inter-Religious Solidarity

Rumi's Reed
The message of Mawlana Jalaleddin Rumi

Converging Perspectives:
An Exhibition Exploring Interfaith Attitudes

War and Peace in Qur'an
A talk on War and Peace in the view of Holy Qur'an

Harmony in Difference:
A panel on tolerance in Christianity, Islam and Judaism