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Rumi Club

Rumi Club for Interfaith Dialogue


Please contribute to dialogue by taking a few minutes to answer the questionnaire below. Your answers will be shown  on our web page. Selected answers will also be displayed  in "Converging Perspectives: An Exhibition Exploring Interfaith Attitudes"  to be held in Frist Campus Center. 


Would you like to remain anonymous?

Yes No

Please provide your contact information: 

Even if you choose to stay anonymous, we need to contact you for purposes of verification



1) I do not belong to any religious group and I do not like to answer any of the following questions.

Yes          No 

2) What aspects of your religion do you like most and would like others to know about?

3) What are the most misunderstood aspects of your religion?

4) What have you observed are the positive aspects in other religions?

5) What opportunities did you have for interfaith dialogue before coming to Princeton? Have you had any opportunity to interact with members of other faiths at Princeton?

6) What do you think about the followers of other religions?

7) Have you had any misconception against any religion before coming to Princeton? Has your experience in Princeton changed your misconceptions? What have you learned about other religions since you have been here? 

8) Would you like to come to the open dialogue to be held on April 3rd?
Yes No

Thank you for participating in this dialogue.     
Rumi Club for Interfaith Dialogue and the Council of Religious Life