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M53 - A Globular Cluster

From the author of   Sizing Up The Universe

Click here for Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.


02:31am EST Feb 6, 2016.
Starlight Express Trius-SX694 binned 2x2 on 10" RCOS at f/9.
R = 5 min, G = 5 min, B = 5 min (unguided 20-second exposures). Log stretch, Unsharp mask.


23:26 EDT May 7, 2005.
Starlight Express SXV-H9 on 10" RC at f/9.
L=10min, R=2min, G=3min, B=3min (unguided 1-minute subexposures).
Log stretch, Unsharp mask.

Along the left edge there is a faint smudge. A highly stretched b&w version is shown below. The smudge looks like a galaxy even though star catalogs seem to list it as a star.

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