Sébastien Bubeck

Assistant Professor

Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Princeton University


Sherrerd Hall 225

Princeton, N.J. 08544

sbubeck AT princeton DOT edu

(609) 258-5130

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I am/was co-general chair for COLT 2013, COLT 2014, and I am/was on the program committee for NIPS 2012, NIPS 2014, COLT 2013, COLT 2014, ALT 2013, ALT 2014.


Regret Analysis of Stochastic and Nonstochastic Multi-armed Bandit Problems

S. Bubeck and N. Cesa-Bianchi

In Foundations and Trends in Machine Learning, Vol 5: No 1, 1-122, 2012

[pdf] [Link to buy a book version, discount code: MAL022024]

Research Interests

  • machine learning

  • combinatorial statistics

  • multi-armed bandits

  • online learning

  • stochastic optimization

  • convex optimization