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 Econlit,  subscription database.
The flagship database of the American Economics Association, Econlit is important in both Economic Sociology and in creating an economic context for other Sociological research.  Econlit indexes and provides many full text links to the worldwide scholarly literature in economics and finance, and is comprehensive in the areas of  accounting, capital markets, econometrics, economic forecasting, government regulations, labor economics, monetary theory, urban economics, and spcialized topics such as the economics of agriculture, health systems, indurtrial sectors, and entitlement programs including welfare.   It covers some 600 major economics journals and another 600 collective volumes which include essays, proceedings, and so on, and adds each year references to about  2,000 books, 900 dissertations, 2,000 working papers, and numerous book reviews. It is mostly in English, but includes substantial numbers of entries in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and some other languages.

Econlit is not a full text database, but does provide a SFX link to facilitate finding the actual item.

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