Doing Research in Sociology in the Princeton University Library

Ethnicity and Race

Chicano Database, subscription database.
The Chicano Database is a comprehensive index of scholarly articles, book chapters, and other materials dealing with ethnic populations in the U.S. from throughout Latin America.  Its cross-border identity makes it a key tool in the study of the effects on social groups of globalization in the region.  This is especially true since its coverage goes far beyond Mexico from which it derives its name.  In addition to Mexico, there is strong coverage for ethnic populations from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and other countries in Latin American from 1992 to date.  Broad coverage for Mexican origin populations goes back to the early 1960s, with selective references from the early 1900s.  The Chicano Database also includes the Spanish Mental Health Database, covering psychological, sociological, and educational literature.  Flectronic full text is most often available through simple on-screen navigation or by using the orange Find It at PUL button on most records. Some few others will have to be hand searched in the Main Catalog. Finally, Borrow Direct and Interlibrary Loan. can be used to acquire materials Princeton does not hold in any format.

Ethnic Newswatch, subscription database.
Ethnic Newswatch is a full text database of many ethnic publications in the U.S. from 1960 to date.  Many of these publications will not be found anywhere else.   Note that the entire database is focused on ethnic issues, and gender issues within that context. Also note that a LOCALE can be a strong part of a search in this database, including cities and towns such ass Philadelkphia or Princeton. However - the locale may be a "false drop" since a locale search for Princeton finds items relating to those teaching at Princeton University or affiiliated with the Institute for Advanced Study, and not be really about matters happening in the community of Princeton.

International Index to Black Periodicals subscription database.
International Index to Black Periodicals, part of the journals collections from the Schomberg Black Studies Center in New York, is made up of current and retrospective bibliographic citations and abstracts from scholarly journals and newsletters from the United States, Africa and the Caribbean--and full-text coverage of core Black Studies periodicals. . For publications which are not full text, a thorough abstract is included for all publications from 1998 to date. The database covers a wide array of humanities and social science disciplines including art, cultural criticism, economics, education, health, history, language and literature, law, philosophy, politics, religion, and sociology among others.  For titles not included as direct full text, the Main Catalog can identify Princeton holdings, and for items not held, Borrow Direct and Interlibrary Loan. can be used to acquire materials..