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 Sociology Sources from the Internet

The Internet.
The Web is a wondrous place, full of sources beyond imagination for the study of sociological issues.  However, two issues must be kept in mind for successful integration of web sources into serious scholarly work.  One is that in the same way that one must be careful to note the authorship and publishers of materials in print or traditional electronic format, the source of Internet materials is very important. 

And the second is that it is always worthwhile to explore non-net sources, and to be sure that net searches are comprehensive.  Bibliographies in books and journal articles, and especially in relevant dissertations, are worth the extra time they require. Another useful step is to talk with subject and reference librarians at Princeton who provide essentail support for scholarly research, including new and evolving technologies. For specific questions on technoloogy, the Technology Librarian is a good resources. More generally, check the list of Subject Specialists on the library staff on the library homepage,..  We look forward to working with you. 

If you need a page, or an entire site, which has disappeared from the Internet, the WayBack machine can help, with an archive of pages from 1996 to the present.

Internet searching can rely on a number of good search engines. Useful commentary and comparisons are found at:

Some of the most useful sites for Sociology include the following: 

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