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The following aggregate sources index and provide links to much full text for a broad range of journals in the Social Sciences. Please note that most articles from the most recent twenty or more years will provide electronic full text, either as a direct link, or by using the FIND IT AT PUL button. For older issues of journals, it is often necessary to search the title in the Main Catalog on the Library home page, and then find the article in a paper copy of the journal. If Princeton does not own the journal in either electronic or paper format, then the article can be ordered through the Library's Interlibrary Loan service at no cost. This usually takes two to three days for an electronic copy to be sent to the person making the request.

  • Ebsco Academic Search , subscription database. Covers a broad range of solid trade and academic titles, nearly all full text. . Access through the ARTICLES AND DATABASES link on the library homepage, and then click on Ebsco Academic Search.
  • Google Scholar, Open Internet database.  <>
    Google Scholar has set a new standard for excellence as a free database on the open Internet by gathering a very broad range of journal articles, books, reports, web pages, conference papers and other materials which are themselves often freely available on the open Internet. It also indexes many materials which are not free on the web, but gives them a fairly solid reference, and also provides a live link to local subscription journals. The "Find it at PUL" button which appears when Google Scholar is accessed from the Princeton domain often does work. However, if it does not, it is worthwhile to search the item directly in Princeton's Main Catalog
    One of the greatest strengths of Google Scholar is its ability to gather a listing of nearly everything that an author has written. It is also strong for obscure topics, For mainstream topics, however, standard databases such as Sociological Abstracts and SocIndex are more useful in finding materials in a focused way without burying the searcher in "everything including the kitchen stove" searching
  • JSTOR, the Journal Storage Project, subscription database.
    JSTOR, the electronic journal archive project of the Mellon Foundation,  is an especially useful source of scholarly articles in Sociology. In the spring of 2012, 122 of the more than 1000 journal titles in JSTOR can be searched as a group by "Limiting to Discipline - Sociology." Its highly selective nature yields results from journals that matter. It also has a nearly unique ability to provide those journals in electronic full text from the beginning of publication, sometimes for a hundred years or more, to a "rolling wall" of the last two to five years. In almost all cases, the library will then have electronic access to the current issues through another service.  
    JSTOR can be accessed on the Library Home Page under Articles and Databases. JSTOR can also be searched directly - so long as the search is done from a campus computer, or off-campus using VPN or Proxy server, by going directly to the url
  • ProQuest Central , subscription database.  Trade, news and general interest as well as academic titles. Access through the ARTICLES AND DATABASES link on the library homepage, and then click on Proquest Central.


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