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 Sociological Abstracts

Sociological Abstracts , subscription database..  The Sociological Abstracts database is the most useful and comprehensive index in the field of Sociology, covering the world's literature in Sociology and related disciplines, both theoretical and applied, covering the years 1952 to date, with frequent updates, adding some 30,000 items each year. Sociological Abstracts indexes over 1,800 journals, abstracts of conference papers presented at various sociological association meetings, dissertations, book reviews, and abstracts of selected sociology books. 

Journals indexed here are in 30 different languages from about 55 countries, covering sociological topics in fields including anthropology, economics, education, medicine, community development, philosophy, demography, political science, and social psychology.  Journals published by sociological associations, groups, faculties, and institutes, and periodicals containing the term "sociology" in their titles, are abstracted fully, irrespective of language or country of publication.  Non-core journals are screened for articles by sociologists and/or articles of immediate interest or relevance to sociologists.

Footnotes and other references from materials from 2002 to the present are also included here, making this oneof the few sources for them, the other being the various Citation Indexes - Social Science Citation Index, Sicence Citation Index, and Arts and Humanitites Citation Index..

Sociological Abstracts has a special focus on the following topics:

  • Culture and social structure
  • Family and marriage
  • History and theory of sociology
  • Organizational sociology
  • Political sociology
  • Poverty and homelessness
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Social change and economic development
  • Social control
  • Sociology of health and medicine

Note that phrases must be entered in quotations, such as "Social Control". Otherwise, the search will look for the individual word social and the individual word control, anywhere in the reocrd, and not adjacent.

WARNING on Conference Papers. If you identify a conference paper of interest in your research,

  • From the American Sociological Associaton from August 2003 to the present, the ONLY full text source is in the other Sociology Database, SOCINDEX.
  • From other sociology organizations, and papers from the American Sociologicla Association prior to August 2003, contact the Sociology Librarian immediately to see if it can be acquired. However, allow for the possibility in your research that it is highly unlikely that it will be possible to get the full text of this conference papers. There is perhaps a ten percent success rate

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