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United Nations Depository Library No. 007

Voting Practices in the United Nations:

A Yearly Analysis by the U.S. Department of State

United States. Department of State.

Report to Congress on Voting Practices in the United Nations, 1983

Submitted Pursuant to Public Law 98-151 and Public Law 98-164
February 24, 1984

Title Page and Table of Contents

I. Introductory Statement of Ambassador Kirkpatrick

II. The Thirty-Eighth General Assembly: All Votes

III. The Thirty-Eighth General Assembly: Key Votes

III. H. Appendix B: Texts of 10 Key Resolutions

IV. The Security Council, 1983

V. Votes on Budgets of International Organizations**

VI. Voting Records, Listed Alphabetically By Country

**On fifth page of Section V, the last column for 1984 OECD is difficult to read. All nations in this chart page are NM - Not Members, except for Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, and Spain, where the measure is noted as passing by Concensus.

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