Shoumitro Chatterjee

Development Economics (Advanced) - WWS562C (Master's Level)

with Prof. Anne Case (Fall 2014)

Considers theory and evidence to explain processes of economic development; examines theories of economic growth, and the two-way links between development and poverty, inequality, social institutions, and the family. Policy debates on education, health, and social policy and governmental and international aid are also covered.

International Trade - WWS301/ECO352 (Undergraduate Level)

with Prof. Stephen Redding (Fall 2014 & Spring 2015)

Concerns the microeconomics of international trade and trade policy. The first part explores the determinants and effects of trade in progressively more general models of trade. The second part studies various instruments of trade policy and the arguments for and against free trade. Topics covered include: Does growth in developing countries benefit or hurt developed countries?; the distributional consequences of trade liberalization; the impact of trade liberalization on productivity and welfare; labor migration; multinationals and outsourcing; regional economic integration; and trade policy in developing countries.

Junior Independent Work - ECO981 (Undergraduate Level)

with Prof. Henry Farber (2015-16) and Prof. Smita Brunnermeier (2016-17)

Independent work is designed to afford concentrators the opportunity to identify and explore their research interests in depth. Students are expected to develop a carefully reasoned exposition that critically analyzes a problem using basic principles of economics. Juniors complete a year long research project, which consists of a research prospectus submitted in December and a final paper submitted in April.