Princeton University Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament

Princeton University

February 4, 2017

Join teams across the nation at Princeton’s first Science Olympiad invitational tournament, to be held on our beautiful campus!

Want to register or learn more? Read on.

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Princeton University will be hosting its first ever Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament on February 4, 2017. Founded by Edison Lee ‘19 and David Fan ‘19, Science Olympiad at Princeton aspires to translate its collective SciOly experience into providing new and veteran teams alike from across the nation with a high-quality invitational experience.

The competition is organized and run entirely by undergraduates at Princeton University, many of whom were national and state medalists in Science Olympiad. Coaches will thus not be asked to run any competition events – we hope that this will give coaches time to prepare as well as time to supervise their teams on competition day. This invitational is intended to provide teams with strong preparation for their respective regional and state tournaments, as well as the national tournament.

All 23 Division C events will be run and unless otherwise stated, will be following the national event rules. All exams will be written by Science Olympiad alumni and the competition schedule closely resembles that of Nationals. In addition to competing in events, students will have the opportunity to learn about Princeton’s STEM offerings, tour campus and more! Results at this invitational will not affect teams’ bids for state and/or national qualification.

Competition Day

The full event schedule and list of team numbers may be found here.

Required waivers will be posted here in early January 2017.


- Registration is no longer open.

- Building event self-scheduling will be done through Avogadro. Instructions and the t-shirt preorder form have been sent to coaches.

- Welcome to JP Stevens High School (Team C-35)!

- Welcome to Harriton High School (Team C-34)!

- Competition schedule and team numbers sent via email and can be found here.

- 34 teams have registered! Confirmation emails were sent and a full event schedule will be posted by the end of the week. Spots remain even though registration officially closed on December 1st - teams are still free to register.

- Registration is open!

The Team

David Fan Picture Director: David Fan ‘19
SciOly occupied every waking hour of David’s time from middle school to high school, and he hopes that other people will be able to grow as much from their SciOly experiences as much as he did. In his senior year of high school, David served as tournament director for New Jersey’s first-ever Science Olympiad invitational tournament, held at Montgomery High School. Last year, David and Eddie supervised the “Green Generation” event at MIT’s 2016 Science Olympiad Invitational. David hopes to translate his seven-plus years of experience with Science Olympiad into creating an amazing invitational experience for everyone.

Edison Lee Picture Director: Edison (Eddie) Lee ‘19
Eddie is a sophomore currently majoring in Chemical and Biological Engineering (note: currently). He competed at Nats for two years with Community Middle School, and then with West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, leading HSN’s team to nationals for the first time in seven years (Woo Nebraska!). While not obsessed with Science Olympiad, Eddie enjoys thinking about Science Olympiad, Science Olympiad, and the meaning of life.

Bill Yan Huang Picture Bill (Yan) Huang ‘19
Bill is a sophomore math major (math is too hard) from West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South. As someone who enjoyed math and science competitions in high school (when math was less hard), he is eager to make SciOly a fun event for everyone. Aside from lots of combinatorics, he likes swimming, playing piano, trolling, playing unhealthy amounts of video games and anime. Especially anime. Need we say more?

Logistics Committee: Shirley Zhang ‘20
Shirley is a freshman who is undecided in everything there is to be undecided about. In high school, Shirley competed with the Fayetteville-Manlius SO team, from which she has fond memories of 1 AM build testing, 10 person human pyramids, and smashing whipped cream in people’s faces. When not organizing SO, you can find Shirley making bubble tea runs and trying to learn to spin a pen backwards.

Sanna Lee Picture Logistics Committee: Sanna Lee ‘20
Sanna hailed from Brooklyn, NY before her family recently moved to New York City’s least favorite child– Staten Island. Refrain from asking Sanna about her current freshman year’s schedule, but do ask her about her high school SciOly experience, her cat Moomoo, and her mango allergy.

Will Jiao Picture Logistics Committee: William Jiao ‘20
William is a freshman majoring in mathematics. He competed with the West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South Science Olympiad team for four years. Aside from Science Olympiad, William throws cards, sleeps, and occasionally dabbles in mathematics.

Amy Li Picture Director of Communications: Amy Li ‘20
Amy is a freshman from Potomac, MD (yes, as in Housewives of Potomac). She started the Science Olympiad team at her high school and is excited to be an organizer instead of a competitor. Her favorite event is forensics because it makes her feel like she’s on an episode of CSI. She loves Mamamoo. <3

Besma Arnaout Picture Treasurer: Besma (Bess) Arnaout ‘20
Bess is a freshman from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is excited to contribute her experience with managing finances as well as interest in tech to make SciOly an exhilarating experience for all!

Anushka Dasgupta Picture Designer: Anushka Dasgupta ‘19
Anushka is a sophomore in the Chemical & Biological Engineering department. She enjoys art, getting up early, and turning the world into her own karaoke bar. She is excited to see you all on campus!

Our Sponsors

This tournament would not be possible without the generous support of the following academic centers and departments on campus, as well as Ultrapress, which made this dream a reality.

Princeton Environmental Institute Andlinger Center Ultrapress Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Chemical and Biological Engineering Computer Science Civil and Environmental Engineering Astrophysical Sciences Physics Chemistry Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Geosciences Office of the Vice President for Campus Life

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