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Subhroshekhar Ghosh
Princeton University
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Princeton, NJ 08544

Email: subhrowork (**at**) gmail.com
sg18 (**at**) princeton.edu
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About me

I am a post doc at Princeton University. My mentor at Princeton is Ramon van Handel. Before this, I obtained my PhD in Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley, in May 2013 under the supervision of Yuval Peres. Earlier, I obtained my Bachelor in Statistics and Master in Mathematics degrees at the Indian Statistical Institute.

My interests lie broadly at the interface of probability, analysis and applications, and I am excited to explore most questions at this juncture. More specifically, I have been interested in:


A Random Gallery

            Left to right: Poisson point process, Ginibre eigenvalues and Gaussian zeroes

            Left to right: Surface plot of a normalised GAF, Linear rigidity of Ginibre eigenvalues

            Left to right: Conditional intensity for a Gaussian matrix and for a Gaussian polynomial


In Fall 2014, I gave a series of lectures on determinantal processes, strongly Rayleigh measures, and their concentration phenomena at the Stochastic Analysis Seminar at Princeton.

In Spring 2014, I taught graduate Stochastic Calculus (ORF527).

At Berkeley, I have been a GSI for graduate Probability (Stat 205 A and B), graduate Theoretical Statistics (Stat 210A) and undergrad calculus.