Tibetan National Anthem

The light of wish-fulfilling gem-like Able One's Teaching, The source of treasury of all happiness mundane and transconded, Shines ablaze.

The Play Oceans enlivened benevolent activities Of the widely-nurturing Protector who retains the Teaching and the migrators' gem, Expand forth.

Firmly stable in the Indestructible element, by loving kindness and compassion [Chenrezig] nurtures [beings] in all the directions.

The celestially-arranged [administration], endowed with hundreds of joy, Touches the height of the space.

The riches of the four types of prosperities expand forth. A new Fully-Endowed Era of happiness pervades through- out the three regions of Tibet.

Splendour of the spiritual and the secular flourishes forth. The Teaching of the Able One having flourished to the ten directions, may Iead the people of the entire world to the splendour of peace and happiness.

The sunlight of Tibet's virtuous marks of her spirituality and [the inhabitant] migrators Radiate hundred-thousands of auspicious illuminations; May their magnificence bring victory over war against darkness, the destructive camp.

(Source: "Tibetan Review." May 1993)

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