SAN 101.I Using the Internet

Section ZB March 31 - April 30

Tuesday/Thursday 2:00 - 3:15pm

110 King Library

Instructor: Tsering Wangyal Shawa
Assistant Map Librarian
Map Room, Science Library
Office Hours: 8-5pm.

Course Objective: This course is intended for students wishing to become literate in the use of the Internet. At the end of this course you will be prepared to:

Assignments: Readings will be linked from the syllabus. They also may be added on an ongoing basis.

Quizzes: 2 short answer quizzes.

In-class exercises/assignments: Some assignments can be done in class during the hands-on exercises; other assignments will be due at the next class session.

Final Project: To be done in pairs. Find the Internet resource that has some relationship to your major and evaluate it using criteria covered in class. Present the project to the class (3-5 minutes in length).

Evaluation: Final grades will be dependent on successful completion of all assignments, class participation, quizzes, and projects.

Class participation/attendance:10%
Quizes: 20%
In-class exercises/assignments 40%
Final Project: 30%

Class Participation: Due to the fast pace of the course, attendance is expected at all scheduled class sessions. Participation in class discussions is also required.

Course Schedule

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