2009-Current: I am currently a PhD student in Electrical Engineering Department at Princeton University. Being particularly interested in Electronic Design Automation, Circuit Verification and Validation, VLSI Design and Computer Architecture, I am a research assistant in Prof. Sharad Malik's group. We have an active group, both in academia and leisure time. We not only verify software and hardware, but also different restaurants and bars around the campus!
Charlie Shucheng Zhu 朱书成
Electronic Design Automation, Formal Hardware/Software Verification, Post-Silicon Validation and Bug Localization.

Due to the increasing scale of integrated circuit design, to detect and localize bugs in modern computer chips becomes a notoriously hard problem. Without the assistance from computer and automatic algorithms, circuit debugging is "mission impossible". My research focus on facilitating the hardware debugging process with formal approaches, such as SAT formalization, integer linear programming, model checking and other decision process techniques. Meanwhile, I am also interested in software verification using formal techniques such as bounded model checking, fix point algorithm and interpolation.
Research Interests
Biographical Sketch
2007-2008: In the third year of my undergraduate study, I was selected as an exchange student from HKUST to UIUC (University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign). As a middle state, IL is everything but similar to Hong Kong. It is dry, cold in the winter, and VAST with only very few people. UIUC is the biggest school I have ever been studying in. Thanks to my roommates, Chris and Steve, I accommodated myself in the "big corn field" with an enjoyable memory.
2005-2009: Before I came to Princeton, I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. HKUST is famous for its leading research role in Asia as well as its unbeatable ocean view. I spent 3 years delightedly in this paradise and kept trying to fish squid in every summer. Now I still preserve my trophy, a yellow T-shirt splashed by plenty of squid ink.
Ph.D Candidate in Electrical Engineering