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Selected Media Coverage

For media coverage of my work on gender gaps, please see here.

"Would You Accept DNA from a Murderer?"
NPR, Tania Lombrozo, June 10th 2013Sarah-Jane Leslie

"Generalized Phrases Can Foster Stereotypes in Kids, Study Says"
LA Times, Mary MacVean, August 8th 2012

"How Generic Language Leads Children to Develop Social Stereotypes"
Huffington Post, Marjorie Rhodes, August 7th 2012

"Stereotyping and Prejudice in Children Begins with Generic Language Learning"
Medical Daily, Amber Moore, August 7th 2012

"Kids who hear stereotypes believe them, and more"
Futurity, August 7th 2012

"Hearing generic language helps fuel stereotypes, researchers find"
Phys Org, August 6th 2012

"Generic Language Helps Fuel Stereotypes"
Science Daily, August 6th 2012

"Philosophy Tests"
Princeton Alumni Weekly, David Menconi, May 16th 2012