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Selected Media Coverage

"We expect you'll be brilliant! Unless you're a woman."
CBC Radio, Nora Young (radio appearance), March 22nd 2015Sarah-Jane Leslie

"Men are brilliant, women are bossy: What research tells us about unconscious bias, gender, and 'genius'"
Salon, Kate McDonough, February 10th 2015

"The danger of believing talent is innate"
The Wall Street Journal, Alison Gopnik, February 4th 2015

"Women less welcome than men in fields demanding brilliance"
Bioscience Technology, Cynthia Fox, January 28th 2015

"Hidden hurdle looms for women in science"
Scientific American, Boer Deng, January 20th 2015

"Women shun fields that are perceived to require 'innate ability'"
Physics World, Jude Dineley, January 19th 2015

"University challenge"
The Economist, Geoffrey Carr, January 17th 2015

"Does the 'innate genius' stereotype widen the STEM gender gap?"
Science Friday, Alexa Lim, with special guest Carol Dweck, January 16th 2015

"'Natural genius' myth deters women from science"
The Telegraph, Siobhan Fenton, January 16th 2015

"Gender Gap: Women welcome in 'hard working' fields, but 'genius' fields are male-dominated, study finds"
The Washington Post, Rachel Feltman, January 15th 2015

"Cracking the gender gap"
NBC, Stacey Naggiar, January 15th 2015

"Disciplines that expect 'brilliance' tend to punish women"
The Chronicle of Higher Education, Madeleine Will, January 15th 2015

"In US academia, fields that cherish sheer genius shun women"
Reuters, Will Dunham, January 15th 2015

"Women deterred from many fields by stereotypes of 'brilliance'"
Bloomberg, Lauren Colby, January 15th 2015

"Do fictional geniuses hold back real women?"
NPR, Geoff Brumfiel (radio appearance), January 15th 2015

"Academic gender gaps tied to stereotype about genius, Princeton study finds"
WHYY, Jessica McDonald (radio appearance), January 15th 2015

"Gender gap in academia strongest in fields that emphasize 'brilliance'"
Al-Jazeera America, Marisa Taylor, January 15th 2015

"'Spark of brilliance' bias holding back women in science?"
The Christian Science Monitor, Pete Spotts, January 15th 2015

"Women are less likely to become scientists because of a 'misconceived idea of brilliance', study finds"
The Independent, Steve Connor, January 15th 2015

"Missing out, women who play down their genius"
Daily Mail, Fiona Macrae, January 15th 2015

"Academic fields that cherish sheer genius shun women"
The Huffington Post, January 15th 2015

"Hidden hurdle looms for women in science"
Nature News, Boer Deng, January 15th 2015

"Emphasizing natural brilliance might keep women away from certain fields"
The Smithsonian Magazine, Marissa Fessenden, January 15th 2015

"Perceptions of brilliance and gender gaps in academe"
Inside Higher Ed, January 15th 2015

"The gender gap is wider in fields associated more with 'brilliance' than with hard work"
The Week, Julie Kleigman, January 15th 2015

"US Academic Fields that cherish 'spark of genius' shun women"
South China Morning Post, January 15th 2015

"La vieja idea del genio cientifico perjudica la carrera de las investigadoras"
El Confidential, Rocio Benavente, January 15th 2015

"Des stereotypes intellectuels sexistes penalisent les femmes dans les science"
Le Parisien, Patrick Kovarik, January 15th 2015

"A 'brilliant' new theory on the gender gap"
Pacific Standard, Kate Wheeling, January 15th 2015

"Women can't be geniuses? Stereotypes may explain gender gap"
Live Science, Bahar Gholipour, January 15th 2015

"Attitude, not aptitude, may contribute to the gender gap"
Science News, Bethany Brookshire, January 15th 2015

"Belief that some fields require 'brilliance' may keep women out"
AAAS Science News, Rachel Bernstein, January 15th 2015

"Stereotypes: Mind the gender gap"
Princeton Alumni Weekly, Jessica Lander, October 22nd 2014

"Q&A with Carol Dweck"
New York Times, Vikas Bajaj, December 12th 2013

"Would You Accept DNA from a Murderer?"
NPR, Tania Lombrozo, June 10th 2013

"Generalized Phrases Can Foster Stereotypes in Kids, Study Says"
LA Times, Mary MacVean, August 8th 2012

"How Generic Language Leads Children to Develop Social Stereotypes"
Huffington Post, Marjorie Rhodes, August 7th 2012

"Stereotyping and Prejudice in Children Begins with Generic Language Learning"
Medical Daily, Amber Moore, August 7th 2012

"Kids who hear stereotypes believe them, and more"
Futurity, August 7th 2012

"Hearing generic language helps fuel stereotypes, researchers find"
Phys Org, August 6th 2012

"Generic Language Helps Fuel Stereotypes"
Science Daily, August 6th 2012

"Philosophy Tests"
Princeton Alumni Weekly, David Menconi, May 16th 2012