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Selected Publications

Sarah-Jane Leslie


Generics and Generalization
Under contract at Oxford University Press

Philosophy Articles

"Generics Oversimplified", (in press) Nous PDF

"Concepts, Analysis, Generics, and the Canberra Plan", (2012; with M. Johnston) Philosophical Perspectives, 26, 113-171. PDF

"Carving Up the Social World with Generics" (draft; for Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy) PDF

"Essence and Accident: Against Limited Variety" (This paper is currently being revised; please check back soon for a new version!)

"'Hillary Clinton is the only man in the Obama Administration': Dual Character Concepts, Generics, and Gender", (in press) Analytic Philosophy, Special Issue on Slurs. PDF

"'Real Men': Polysemy or Implicature? (in press) Analytic Philosophy, Special Issue on Slurs. PDF

"Essence and Natural Kinds: When Science Meets Preschooler Intuition", (in press) Oxford Studies in Epistemology, 4. PDF

“The Original Sin of Cognition: Fear, Prejudice and Generalization” (in press), The Journal of Philosophy. PDF

"Generics Articulate Default Generalizations", (2012) Recherches Linguistiques de Vincennes: New Perspectives on Genericity at the Interfaces (A. Mari, ed.), 41, 25-45. PDF

Sarah Jane Leslie"Eros and the Redemption of the Gods: Themes from Wagner" (2012), in A. Hamilton and N. Zangwill (eds.), Scruton's Aesthetics, Palgrave Macmillan. PDF

"Essence, Plenitude, and Paradox", (2011) Philosophical Perspectives, 25, 277-296. PDF

“‘If’, ‘Unless’, and Quantification”, (2009), in R. Stainton and C. Viger (eds.) Compositionality, Context and Semantics. Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy (SLAP), vol. 85, Dordrecht: Springer. PDF 

“Generics: Cognition and Acquisition”, (2008), Philosophical Review, vol. 117, no. 1, pp. 1-47. PDF

“Generics and the Structure of the Mind”, (2007), Philosophical Perspectives, vol 21, no.1,pp. 375-403. PDF

“Moderately Sensitive Semantics”, (2007), in G. Preyer (ed.), Context Sensitivity and Semantic Minimalism: Essays on Semantics and Pragmatics. Oxford: Oxford University Press. PDF

Psychology Articles

Rhodes, M, Leslie, S.J., & Tworek, C. "The Cultural Transmission of Social Essentialism." (2012) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 109(34), 13526-13531. PDF

S. Prasada, S. Khemlani, S. J. Leslie, & S. Glucksberg. "Conceptual Distinctions Amongst Generics", Cognition PDF

Meyer, M., Leslie, S.J., Gelman, S.A., & Stilwell, S. "Essentialist Beliefs about Organ Transplants in the United States and India", (in press), Cognitive Science. Penultimate draft available here; please refer to journal edition for the definitive version. PDF

Leslie, S.J. & Gelman, S.A. "Quantified Statements are Recalled as Generics", (2012), Cognitive Psychology, 64, 186-214. PDF

Brandone, A. Cimpian, A., Leslie, S.J. & Gelman, S.A.. "Do Lions Have Manes? For Children, Generics are about Kinds rather than Quantities", (2012), Child Development, 83(2), 423-433. PDF

Khemlani, S., Leslie, S.J. & Glucksberg, S. (2012), “Inferences about Members of Kinds: The Generics Hypothesis". Language and Cognitive Processes, 27, 887-900. PDF

S. J. Leslie, S. Khemlani, & S. Glucksberg. "All Ducks Lay Eggs: The Generic Overgeneralization Effect", (2011), Journal of Memory and Language, 65, 15-31. PDF

Encyclopedia Entries and Survey Articles

"Generics", (2012), in G. Russell and D. G. Fara (eds.), The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Language. New York: Routledge, pp. 355-367. PDF

"Generics", (2011), Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. PDF

"Generic Statements", (in press), Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (link to be posted soon; please check back shortly)

"Generics", (in press), in R. Audi (ed.) Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy

Conference Proceedings

S. Khemlani, S. J. Leslie, & S. Glucksberg. “Generics, Prevalence, and Default Inferences”, (2009), Proceedings of the 31st Annual Cognitive Science Society. Amsterdam: Cognitive Science Society. PDF

S. J. Leslie, S. Khemlani, S. Prasada, and S. Glucksberg. “Conceptual and Linguistic Distinctions between Singular and Plural Generics”, (2009), Proceedings of the 31st Annual Cognitive Science Society. Amsterdam: Cognitive Science Society. PDF

S. Khemlani, S. J. Leslie, S. Glucksberg, & P. R. Fernandez. “Do Ducks Lay Eggs?  How People Interpret Generic Assertions.” (2007), Proceedings of the 29th Annual Cognitive Science Society. Nashville, TN: Cognitive Science Society. PDF