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Detail from the cover of Levin, S.A., ed., Princeton Guide to Ecology (Princeton University Press, 2009).

I. Dimensions: Biological Controls of Ocean C:N:P Ratios
Source of Support: National Science Foundation

Goals: To develop an understanding, through empirical and modeling work, of the control of the ratios of carbon and nitrogen, as well as phosphorus, in the oceans.

II. Coordination and Collective Decision Making
Source of Support: Army Research Office

Goals: To develop an understanding, through empircal and modeling work, of the evolution of collective decision-making, especially collective motion.

III. The Evolution of Incentives and Social Structure Under Imperfect Information
Source of Support: National Science Foundation

Goals: To develop an integrated approach, drawing on evolutionary theory and the economic theory of mechanism design, to the evolution of incentives and social structure under uncertainty.

IV. Modeling Anthropogenic Effects in the Spread of Infectious Diseases
Source of Support: Arizona State University/National Institutes of Health

Goals: To extend exisiting epidemiological models by formally incorporating decisions that people make affecting the introduction and spread of infectious diseases.

V. CNH: Social-Ecological Complexity and Adaptation in Marine Systems
Source of Support: National Science Foundation

Goals: To understand how the behavior of fishermen is shaped by the ecosystems they harvest from, the technology they use to do so, and the societies they live in, with the overarching goal of using this information to design "bottom up" forms of management such as fishery cooperatives.

VI. Disease in Motion: Integrating Epidemic and Social Dynamics in the Control of Infectious Agents
Source of Support: U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Goals: An interdisciplinary effort to improve current best practice in Infectious Disease Modeling of Foreign Animal Disease Threats (FADT) and of spatiotemporal disease dynamics in general.

VII. Robustness and Adaptability in Complex Biological Systems
Source of Support: Army Research Office

Goals: Continue and deepen research on robustness and adaptability in collective behavior.

VIII. Resource-Based Green Growth Under Climate Change: Ecological and Socio-Economic Constraints (ResGreen)
Source of Support: University of Oslo/NordForsk

Goals: Produce knowledge necessary to achieve green growth.

IX. Coastal SEES Collaborative Research: Adaptations of Fish and Fishing Communities to Rapid Climate Velocities
Source of Support: National Science Foundation

Goals: Use dynamic range and statistical models with four decades of geo-referenced data on fisheries catch and fish biogeography to determine how fish populations are affected by the cumulative impacts of fishing, climate, and changing species interactions.

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