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Levin, Simon A.
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Director, Center for Biocomplexity
The Levin group has been developing models for the evolution of stoichiometric constants, in particular the Redfield ratios P:C and N:C.

Hedin, Lars O.

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology The Hedin Lab and collaborators are seeking to understand the emergence of predictable stoichiometric ratios (i.e., Redfield-type ratios) in terrestrial ecosystems, and their implication for understanding organism-nutrient interactions and ecosystem function.

Horn, Henry S. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Horn's interests are in the geometry of structure and in spatial patterns of movement, and in how they produce complex biology from simple elements and simple rules of interaction at a "lower" level. He mixes theory with field work on birds, butterflies, trees, and wildflowers.

Morel, François


Morel's group has been determining "extended Redfield ratios" in marine phytoplankton. Their major goal is to directly measure the intracellular C, N, S, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Mo and Cd quotas to determine the average extended Redfield ratio for these elements in marine phytoplankton culture.

Pacala, Stephen
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Director, Princeton Environmental Institute
Pacala and his group study global interactions among the biosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere; population biology and community ecology of plants; theoretical and mathematical ecology.

Rodriguez-Iturbe, Ignacio
Civil & Environmental Engineering Rodriguez-Iturbe's group and collaborators are focusing on quantitatively accounting for the effects of stochastic character of the hydrologic dynamics on ecosystem structure and function.

Sigman, Daniel Geoscience Researches to find out to what degree is the reservoir of C, N, and P "available" to the biota, and what role does dissolved organic matter play in the loss of nutrients from an ecosystem?

Ward, Bess Geoscience Ward's research focuses on marine and global nitrogen cycle; molecular and immunological probes for marine bacteria and bacterial processes (especially nitrification and denitrification); microbal ecology; xenobiotic transformations by bacterial communities.

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