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Levin Festschrift participants in front of the Princeton University Art Museum, April 26, 2011
01.26.15 - Joshua Plotkin (Ph.D. 2003) receives the Akira Okubo Prize
The Society for Mathematical Biology and the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology have awarded Joshua Plotkin, Professor of Biology and Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania, the Aikra Okubo Prize, a prize awarded to a scientist under 40 for "outstanding and innovative theoretical work, for establishing superb conceptual ideas, for solving tough theoretical problems, and/or for uniting theory and data to advance biological science."
10.06.14 - Simon A. Levin Awarded the 2014 Luca Pacioli Prize
The Ca'Foscari University of Venice has awarded Simon A. Levin the "2014 Luca Pacioli Prize". The Prize is named after Luca Pacioli di Sansepolcro, one of the leading figures of the Italian Renaissance and a founding father of the modern disciplines of geometry and accounting. The Pacioli Prize is conferred to internationally renowned scholars who have developed a deep-rooted interdisciplinary approach. Professor Levin will receive the prize at a ceremony to be held in Venice in March 2015.
08.20.14 - Allison Shaw (Ph.D. 2012) Profiled on the University of Minnesota's College of Biological Science Website
Allison Shaw, a new faculty member at the University of Minnesota, has been profiled on the UM's College of Biological Sciences' website.
08.01.14 - Lisa McManus (GS) Awarded Two Fellowships
Lisa McManus has been awarded two fellowships: an NDEG Fellowship and a 2014 NMFS/Sea Grant Fellowship, which will help fund her research.
07.18.14 - Simon A. Levin Elected Lombard Institute Foreign Member
Simon A. Levin has been elected a foreign member of the Istituto Lombardo Accademia di Scienze e Lettere (Lombard Institute Academy of Science and Letters) in Italy. Levin will be presented with a certificate of appointment at an October 2 ceremony in Milan. To read more, click here.
06.09.14 - Emma Fuller (GS) Awarded STEP Fellowship
Emma Fuller has has been awarded a STEP Fellowship by the Princeton Environmental Institute. Her research topic will be the Ecosystem Effects of Individual Transferable Quotas in US West-Coast Commercial Fisheries. To read more, click here.
05.23.14 - Eleanor Brush (GS) Receives Procter Fellowship
Princeton University's Graduate School has awarded Eleanor Brush a Charlotte Elizabeth Procter Fellowship for the 2014-15 academic year in recognition of her distinguished work in the Department of Quantitative and Computational Biology.
05.19.14 - Princeton Funds "Global Collaborative Network for Analyzing Social-Environmental Systems" Project
Princeton University's Council for International Teaching and Research has selected "A Global Collaborative Network for Analyzing Social-Environmental Systems" for funding. To read more, click here.
04.23.14 - Caroline E. Farrior (Ph.D. 2012) and Simon A. Levin Receive President's Award for Best Paper in The American Naturalist 2013
Caroline E. Farrior, Ray Dybzinski, Simon A. Levin, and Stephen W. Pacala have received the President's Award for the best paper of 2013 in The American Naturalist. This paper is entitled "Competition for Water and Light in Closed-Canopy Forests: A Tractable Model of Carbon Allocation with Implications for Carbon Sinks" (Vol. 181. No. 3: 314-330). For a .pdf of the paper, click here.
04.15.14 - MCMSC to Relaunch in Honor of Simon A. Levin
The Mathematical, Computational and Modeling Sciences Center at Arizona State University will be relaunching as the Simon A. Levin Mathematical, Computational, and Modeling Sciences Center. To read more, click here.
03.25.14 - Simon A. Levin Receives the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement
SImon A. Levin has received the 2014 Tyler Prize for bridging ecological research with environmental policy, economics and social science. To read more, click here. To watch Simon Levin's Tyler Prize Laureate Lecture, click here.
03.07.14 - Eleanor Brush (GS) Receives the Mikhalevich Award
Eleanor Brush has received the Mikhalevich Award from IIASA for her paper "The Stablization of Cooperation by Discriminators Using Imperfect Information."
02.18.14 - Malin Pinsky Receives Awards
Malin Pinsky (Assistant Professor, Rutgers University and former Levin Lab postdoc) has received a Sloan Research Fellowship from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and a Jasper Loftus-Hills Young Investigator Award from the American Society of Naturalists.
07.11.14 - Erol Akcay (Postdoc) Expresses Concern over Antievolutionism in Turkey
For more details, please go to the National Center for Science Education website.
05.29.13 - Marissa Basket (Ph.D. 2006) & Duncan Menge (Ph.D. 2008) Named Early Career Fellows of the Ecological Society of America for 2013-2017
04.29.13 - Duncan Menge (Ph.D. 2008) Awarded ESA Theoretical Ecology Paper Award
The Theoretical Ecology Section of the Ecological Society of America (ESA) has awarded its 2012 prize for an outstanding theoretical ecology paper to "Nitrogen and Phosphorus Limitation over Long-term Ecosystem Development in Terrestrial Ecosystems," by Duncan Menge, Lars Hedin, and Stephen Pacala, published in PLoS One (2012) vol. 7(8): e42045. This paper formulates a mathematical model for looking at nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) dynamics over multiple timescales. Analyzing their model through techniques of timescale separation, Menge, Hedin, and Pacala determine whether N or P is more likely to limit net primary productivity (NPP) at short, intermediate, and long timescales. While some of their results provide support for already well-established ideas on NPP limitation, others are counterintuitive, thereby nicely demonstrating the importance of quantitative models for understanding dynamics at the level of the ecosystem. Finally, the work is elegant in that it nicely integrates disparate observations into one cohesive framework. PLoS spotlight on paper.
01.30.13 - Carla Staver (Ph.D. 2012) Awarded Jasper J. Loftus-Hills Young Investigator's Award
Carla Staver has been awarded a Jasper J. Loftus-Hills Young Investigator's Award from the American Society of Naturalists. Professor Dolph Schluter, president of the ASN, noted that Dr. Staver's "application stood out amongst a field of remarkably strong candidates." He added, "the committee was impressed with the productive and highly informative nature of her research and felt it well represented the aims of the ASN by addressing broad and fundamental principles." Staver has been invited to give a talk at the ASN Young Investigator's Symposium, which is part of the Evolution 2013 Conference to be held in Snowbird, Utah this coming June (see the Evolution 2013 website).
12.07.12 - Mathematicians Join in a Major World-Wide Initiative: Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013
This year-long effort will highlight the contributions made by mathematics in tackling global problems. Read press release.
10.08.12 - Simon A. Levin Honored with Special Issue of the Journal of Biological Dynamics
Special issue in honor of Simon Levin's 70th Birthday. Click here to go to the issue.
05.31.12 - Carla Staver (Ph.D. 2012) and Sally Archibald Receive the 2012 Mercer Award from the ESA
Carla Staver and co-author Sally Archibald (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa) have been awarded the 2012 George Mercer Award from the Ecological Society of America for their 2011 paper, "Tree cover in sub-Saharan Africa: Rainfall and fire constrain forest and savanna as alternative stable states" [Ecology 92(5): 1063-1072], written with Simon A. Levin. This award is given to the best paper in the field published by an author(s) under 40 years of age at the time of publication. They will receive the award at the ESA annual meeting in Portland, Oregon (August 5-10, 2012). To read their paper, click here.
04.04.12 - Simon A. Levin Honored with Special Issue of the Journal of Mathematical Biology
Special issue in honor of Simon Levin on his 70th Birthday. Guest Editors: Alan Hastings (Ph.D., Cornell, 1977, advisor Simon Levin) and Karl-Peter Hadeler. Click here to go to the issue.
03.05.12 - Guy Ziv (Former Levin Lab Postdoc) and Simon A. Levin's Paper Receives Attention
Guy Ziv's paper in PNAS, "Trading-off fish biodiversity, food security, and hydropower in the Mekong River Basin," with Eric Baran (WorldFish Center, Phnom Penh, Cambodia), So Nam (Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute, Fisheries Administration, Phnom Penh, Cambodia), Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe, and Simon A. Levin has received a lot of attention in the scientific press. For a discussion of the paper, see: Nature (05 March 2012). Read about the paper on the Princeton website.
10.14.11 - Carla Staver (Ph.D. 2012), Sally Archibald, and Simon A. Levin's Paper Receives Attention
Carla Staver, together with Sally Archibald (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa) and Simon A. Levin, published "The Global Extent and Determinants of Savanna and Forest as Alternative Biome States," in Science on October 14th. An article explaining the importance of their work for the general public appears in Science News. Staver, Archibald, and Levin's paper was also featured on the Princeton University homepage.
04.26.11 - Festschrift Held in Honor of Simon A. Levin
On April 26th, Princeton's Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and the Princeton Environmental Institute hosted a festschrift in honor of Simon A. Levin's 70th birthday. Entitled "The State of the Art in Mathematical Ecology," the Festschrift celebrated Simon's scientific accomplishments with a series of lectures given by former students. Topics ranged from a discussion of time scales in ecology to an exploration of the evolutionary ecology of influenza viruses. The vast majority of Simon's graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, both past and present, came from near and far to take part in this event.
02.14.11 - CPALI News from Catherine Craig (Ph.D. Cornell, 1985)
Catherine Craig, President of Conservation Through Poverty Alleviation, International (CPALI), reports that CPALI's wild silk textile was featured at a New York fashion show. Click here to see a skirt made from this textile.

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