Scott M. Lynch, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Sociology, 2001

M.S.,  Statistics, 1999

Duke University


M.A., Sociology, 1995

B.A., Sociology, 1993

University of Arkansas



I am a professor in the Department of Sociology and a faculty fellow in the Office of Population Research at Princeton University.  My interests are broadly in social epidemiology, the demography of aging, and statistical methods.

I study how social and behavioral factors, like race, socioeconomic status, stress, social support, etc. influence health and how they do so differently across the lives of individuals and across time.  

In this process, I spend a considerable amount of time developing and examining statistical methods to make full use of the capabilities of, and handle the limitations of, social science data. 

I have published, presented, and lectured extensively in these areas.  For a listing, see my C.V.

159 Wallace Hall

Department of Sociology

Princeton University

Princeton, NJ  08544

Contact Info

Phone: 609.258.7255

Fax: 609.258.2180