Aimee Hector, Amanda Hector, Noushin Heidary

It was very difficult to get permission from the Princeton Police Department to do the research for this paper, so we promised the department that we would not use the paper for anything but the class. Since the police department wants to read our report, we feel we should not post any of the information we found on the web until we receive permission from the department. We will briefly describe our project here, and perhaps later post the report on the web if we receive permission from the department.

Our project was designed to examine the relationship between the Princeton Police Department and the Latino community. A part of the Latino experience of Latino's in the community is the interaction between police officers and the Latinos in the community. We chose to explore this aspect of their experience in an attempt to uncover the relationship between the Latino people and the Township at a point of confrontation. To examine this relationship, we focused on information obtained through the Police Department and from the police officers themselves. We focused on statistical data regarding crime trends, the general and personal impressions the police officers had regarding the Latino population, and the police officers impressions regarding the kind of accommodations that the department made for the growing Latino population. We used statistical analysis, surveys, and interviews.