Economic Sociology Workshop

Spring 1996

Frank Dobbin

Here is the spring schedule for the Economic Sociology Workshop. We will have five speakers, and will cosponsor a mini-conference titled Rethinking Business History with the Davis Center. Regular meetings take place on Mondays at noon, in 2-C-8 of Green Hall. The papers will be available in the Sociology mailroom about a week in advance. Please phone Donna DeFrancisco at 258-4531 if you would like a copy of any paper mailed to you. Details about the mini-conference will follow.

Monday, February 19

Peter Karnoe, Copenhagen Business School

The Social Process of Competence Building:

National Business Systems and the Development of Wind Turbine


Monday, March 4

John Meyer, Stanford University

The Impact of World Society on National States and Societies

Monday, April 1

Julian Dierkes, Princeton Sociology

The Seven Dwarfs -- Downsizing Among Corporate Officers

Saturday, April 13

Rethinking Business History

Mini-Conference, Cosponsored with the Davis Center

Monday, April 29

Helmut Anheier, Rutgers University

The Role of Movement Entrepreneurs: The Case of the German Nazi Party, 1925-1930

Monday, May 13

Charles Perrow, Yale University and the Institute for Advanced Study

Wealth and Power in the Society of Organizations: the Early Years February 1996