(Just a Workshop on Organizations, Institutions, and Economic Sociology)

Spring 1999

February 8

Brad Wilcox
Princeton University

"Religion and Parental Involvement: Product of Religious Commitment or American Convention?"

February 22

Alejandro Portes
Princeton University

"The Hidden Abode: Sociology as the Study of the Unexpected"

March 8

Mauro Guillen
University of Pennsylvania

Difference: An Institutional Critique of Modernist Theories of Economic Development"

March 29

Ed Freeland
Princeton University

"The Princeton Survey Research Center – What it Can do for You."

April 12

Peter Bearman
Columbia University

"Blocking the Future: Analytic Models for Casing Events and Event Sequences."

April 26

John Evans
Yale University

"Academia, Discursive Consensus and the Debate over Social Problems."

May 17

Geoffrey Fougere
University of Canterbury
New Zealand

"Health Care Quasi-Markets and the Etiology of Hybrid Organizational Forms"

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