(Just a Workshop on Organizations, Institutions, and Economic Sociology)

Fall 2000

Below is our schedule for the fall semester. By tradition, we read the papers in advance and, after a brief introduction by the authors, we open the floor for discussion. All are welcome.

All meetings will take place in Wallace Hall Room 165, at 12:15. Bring your lunch if you like. We will distribute electronic copies of the papers in advance. Hard copies are available from Donna DeFrancisco (

September 25

Vivana Zelizer
(Princeton University)

"Intimate Transactions."

October 9

Yuval Yonay
(University of Haifa)

"Economic Theory and Reality: A Sociological Perspective on Induction and Inference in a Deductive Science."

October 23

Paul Ingram
(Columbia University, School of Business)

"Utopia in the Shadow of the State: Competition Over the Supply of Order and Kibbutz Founding, 1910-1995"

November 13

John Sutton
(University of California, Santa Barbara)

"The Political Economy of Imprisonment in 15 Western Democracies, 1955-1992"

November 27

Bruce Carruthers
(Northwestern University and the Russell Sage Foundation)

"Credit, Failure, and Information in 19th-Centrury America: Towards a Historical Sociology of Economic Knowledge"

December 11

Alexandra Kalev
(Princeton University)

"'Lean and Mean' to Women?: Changes at Work and the Sex Composition of the Workplace"

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