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Prof. Craig B. Arnold and his research group focus on materials processing and fabrication, with applications in energy, optoelelectronics, sensing and nanotechnology.

News and recent publications

  • Ultra-high-speed variable focus optics for novel applications in advanced imaging

    S. Kang, E. Dotsenko, D. Amrhein, C. Theriault, and C. B. Arnold, Proceedings of SPIE (2018) presents the advances in imaging using an ultra-high-speed variable focus element, the TAG lens. The TAG lens enables new ways to acquire 3D information from an object using sound to adjust the index of refraction profile in a liquid and thereby achieving focal scanning rates greater than 100 kHz.

  • Tuning morphology and melting temperature in polyethylene films by MAPLE

    H. Jeong, M. Chowdhury, Y. Wang, M. Sezen-Edmonds, Y. L. Loo, R. A. Register, C.B. Arnold, and R.D. Priestley, Macromolecules (2018) demonstrates the ability to dramatically alter the morphology and melting temperature of low-molecularweight linear polyethylene (PE) by employing an innovative vapor-assisted deposition process termed matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation (MAPLE).

  • Impulsively induced jets from viscoelastic films for high-resolution printing

    E. Turkoz, A. Perazzo, H. Kim, H. A. Stone, and C. B. Arnold, Physical Review Letters (2018) introduces an analytical model that accounts for the ink rheology and experimental conditions to predict single drop breakup from viscoelastic filaments for high-resolution printing.

  • Ultrafast z-scanning for high-efficiency laser micro-machining

    T.-H. Chen, R. Fardel, and C. B. Arnold, Light: Science & Applications (2018) demonstrates a new high-throughput micro-machining technique based on rapidly scanning the laser focal point along the optical axis using an acoustically driven variable focal length lens. This method has great potential for improving the micro-machining efficiency of conventional systems and also opens the door to applying laser machining to workpieces with uneven topography that have been traditionally difficult to process.

  • Craig Arnold, Euan McLeod, Alexandre Mermillod-Blondin and Christian Theriault awarded 2017 Edison Patent Award

    Craig Arnold, inventors Euan McLeod (a former Arnold group student), Alexandre Mermillod-Blondin, and Christian Theriault received Edison Patent Award in the technology transfer category for “Tunable Acoustic Gradient Index of Refraction Lens and System.”

Craig Arnold holding a TAG lens


  • Congratulations to Nikita Dutta and Wenxuan Zhang for passing their general exams!

Talks and Conferences

  • Craig B. Arnold and Ting-Hsuan Chen attended SPIE Photonics West between 27 January - 1 February 2018.