Sociology 101

Introduction to Sociology

Fall 2013

Professors Mitchell Duneier and Paul Starr

Preceptors: Sharon Cornelissen, Erin F. Johnston, Allison Kenney, Jeffrey F. Lane, Arum Park, Lauren G. Senesac

Where to find the readings:

There is only one book for purchase: Mitchell Duneier, Sidewalk (New York, Farrar, Straus, Giroux)
For more information on the course, go to "What's Expected and Who's Who in 101."


Wedneday 9/11. Key Sociological Questions (Duneier and Starr)

Week One.
Monday 9/16. Us and Them: National Identity and Race (Starr)

Wednesday 9/18. Us and Them (Duneier)

Week Two
Monday 9/23. The Sociological Imagination (Duneier)

Wednesday 9/25. Methods of Sociological Research (Duneier)

Week Three
Monday 9/30. Social Interaction in Everyday Life (Duneier)

Wednesday 10/2. New Technology and Everyday Life (Starr)

Week Four
Monday 10/7.Classical Perspectives: Order and Change (Starr)

Wednesday 10/9. Classical Perspectives: Social Action, Social Structure, and Institutions (Starr)

Week Five
Monday 10/14. Alone, in Groups, and in Networks (Duneier)

Wednesday 10/16. The Social Basis of Democracy (Starr)

Week Six
Monday 10/21. In-class review session (Starr and Duneier)

Wednesday 10/23. Midterm

Fall Recess Week (10/28-11/3)

Week Seven
Monday 11/4. "Give Me a Child Until He Is 7 and I Will Show You the Man": The Up Series (Duneier)

Wednesday 11/6. Inequality Today (Starr)

Week Eight
Monday 11/11. Race and Discrimination (1) (Duneier)

Wednesday 11/13.Race and Discrimination (2)(Duneier)

Week Nine
Monday 11/18. The Transformation of Contemporary Society (Starr)

Wednesday 11/20. Mechanisms of Social Change (Starr)

Week Ten
Monday 11/25. The Political Sociology of Health Care (Starr)

Week Eleven

Monday 12/2. Guest Lecture: The Sociology of Robots (Prof. Janet Vertesi)

Wednesday 12/4. Ethnographic Methods (Duneier)

Week Twelve
Monday 12/9. Sidewalk Subjects Visit with Class (Duneier)

Wednesday 12/11. Final class (Duneier and Starr)

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