Woodrow Wilson School 334

Media and Public Policy

Professor Paul Starr

Spring 2013. Wednesdays, 1:30-4:20 p.m..

Preliminary Syllabus

Where to find the readings:

February 6. Journalism: crisis and opportunity

February 13. The constitutional foundations and limits of press freedom

February 20. Democracy, diversity, and power in the age of the mass media

February 27. Communications regulation: movies, radio, and television

March 6. Intellectual property and cultural freedom

March 13. Economics, technology, and the reshaping of the media

Spring break

March 27. New Media, New Choices

April 3. The limits of media freedom (1): libel and privacy

April 10. The limits of media freedom (2): press privilege, press responsibility

April 17. Media freedom and globalization

April 24. The future of journalism, local news, and the role of government

May 1.

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