Sociology 501

Classical Sociological Theory

Professor Paul Starr

Fall 2011.
Tuesday, 1:30-4:20

Where to find the readings:
= Firestone Reserve/Graduate Reading Room (paper).
= Blackboard E-reserves.
= World Wide Web (click on the link in the syllabus).
For purchase: = Labyrinth


September 20. Social Theory in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries: Precursors and Points of Reference

September 27. De Tocqueville.

October 4. Marx.

October 11. Comte, Spencer, and Marx: Contending visions of a science of society

October 18. Durkheim and his school (1)

October 25. Durkheim and his school (2)

November 8. Weber (1)

November 15. Weber (2)

November 22. Simmel

November 29. Self, Society, and the Civilizing Process

December 6. Capitalism reconsidered

December 13. The theory of action, structural-functionalism, and the course of American sociology

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