Sociology 513

Political Sociology

Professor Paul Starr

Spring 2013. Second half of semester.
Mondays, 9 a.m.- noon

This is a departmental mini-seminar, open to graduate students only. It meets for six times after the spring break.

Besides doing the common readings each week, students are expected to report on three optional books over the course of the seminar and to hand in those three reviews at the end of the term (adding up to roughly 15-18 pages). The options listed here are not intended to be exhaustive; in the past, students with specific interests (such as the welfare state, criminology, or the military) have worked out alternatives that fit with the general subject of political sociology.

Where to find the readings:
Free: = Firestone Reserve/Graduate Reading Room (paper). = Electronic reserve/Blackboard course materials.
= World Wide Web (hyperlink from syllabus).


March 25. Power, state-building, and state capacity.

April 1. Social Bases of Democracy

Week of April 8. Political Inequality

April 15. Civil society, religion, and civic participation

April 22. Ideology and public opinion: consensus, conflict, and polarization in the U.S.

April 29. Changes in communications and the structure of the public

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