WWS 528c
Health Policy Reform
Professor Paul Starr

Spring 2012
Mondays, 6:30-9:30

Requirements, Syllabus, and Reading List


Books and other readings

For the record


February 6. Introduction – defining the problems, thinking through the goals

February 13. Institutional foundations: professions, organizations, and health care

February 20. The American path in health insurance

February 27. Politics of health policy, Clinton to Obama

March 5. Health policy, right and left

March 12. Evaluating the Affordable Care Act

March 26. Choice architecture in health care: Insurance market reforms and design of health insurance exchanges

April 2. Medicare policy and seniors

April 9. Vulnerable populations/community organizing

April 16. Comparative effectiveness, coverage, and health information technology

April 23. Public health and prevention/scenarios for the future (second half discussion)

April 30. Final paper presentations.

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