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The American Prospect is a magazine of ideas aimed at revitalizing liberal thought and politics. Now entering its fifth year, the journal has become one of the leading sources of innovative thinking about public policy, politics, and social trends. It is currently published four times a year.

The founders of The American Prospect are columnist Robert Kuttner; Robert B. Reich, now Secretary of Labor; and Paul Starr, professor of sociology at Princeton University. New Prospect, a nonprofit organization they established, publishes the magazine independently.

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Paul Starr

Robert Kuttner

Editorial Board

Deborah Stone, Senior Editor

Robert B. Reich, Founding Chairman, 1989-1992

Alan Brinkley Jeff Faux Arlie Hochschild Stephen Holmes Christopher Jencks Sheila Kamerman Steven Kelman Randall Kennedy J. Anthony Lukas Theodore R. Marmor Karen M. Paget Richard Rothstein Cass R. Sunstein Lester C. Thurow William Julius Wilson Shoshana Zuboff


Jonathan Cohn, Managing Editor

Jonathan Chait, Assistant Editor Gina M. Costello, Circulation Manager Amy M. Stackhouse, Marketing Manager David Sable, Circulation Assistant

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