Syllabus for

From the Earth to the Moon

Princeton University Freshman Seminar
FRS 112, Spring 2015

Robert Stengel

		Engineering, 				Dreams, History,
Week		Science, & Mathematics			Business, & Policy
1 		Introductory Concepts			Early History & Fiction

2 		Orbital Motion				Early History & Fiction

3 		Orbital Motion				Precursors to Space Flight

4 		Launch Vehicle Flight Dynamics 		Early Space Age

5 		Rocket Propulsion & Staging		Antecedents to Apollo

6 		Interplanetary Travel			Apollo & the Space Race

				==Mid-Term Break==

7 		Lunar Transfer				Lunar Missions, 
							Astronauts, & Science

8 		Space Vehicle Design			Building Spacecraft & 
							Launch Vehicles
9 		Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics		Robotic Lunar Spacecraft
		& Control

10 		Spacecraft Guidance			Project Management

11 		Telemetry, Communications, 		Commercial Space Flight
		& Tracking
12 		Spacecraft Power & 			Social & Political 
		Thermal Control				Aspects of Space Flight

13 				==Reading Period==

> Weekly reading assignments can be found at the course entry on Blackboard at Princeton. Principal references for the seminar include the following:

References that are not accessible on the Internet are on reserve in the Engineering Library.

 FRS 112, From the Earth to the Moon
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