Syllabus and Weekly Reading Assignments for

From the Earth to the Moon

Princeton University Freshman Seminar
FRS 112, Spring 2015

Robert Stengel

Dreams, History, Business, and Policy

  1. Early History & Fiction
  2. Early History & Fiction
  3. Precursors to Space Flight
  4. Early Space Age
  5. Antecedents to the Apollo Program
  6. Apollo & the Space Race
  7. Lunar Missions, Science, & Astronauts
  8. Building Spacecraft & Launch Vehicles
  9. Early Robotic Lunar Spacecraft
  10. Project Management & Spacecraft Design
  11. Commercial Space Flight
  12. The Future of Space Flight

Engineering, Science, and Mathematics

  1. Introductory Concepts
  2. Orbital Motion
  3. Orbital Motion
  4. Launch Vehicle Flight Dynamics
  5. Rocket Propulsion and Staging
  6. Interplanetary Travel
  7. Lunar Transfer
  8. Space Vehicle Design
  9. Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control
  10. Spacecraft Guidance
  11. Telemetry, Communications & Tracking
  12. Spacecraft Power & Thermal Control


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  4. Cyrano de Bergerac, A Voyage to the Moon, 1687.
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