Lecture Slides for

Space System Design

MAE 342, Spring 2008

Robert F. Stengel

Princeton University
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Space System Design is an undergraduate course that examines the design of launch vehicles and spacecraft, including the impacts of the atmosphere and the space environment on requirements and configurations. The principals and design aspects of the structure, propulsion, power, thermal, communication, and control subsystems are studied. The course also introduces historical antecendents, systems engineering, and space policy. The portable document files for the slides used in the instructor's lectures may be downloaded for non-commercial, educational use only, with acknowledgment of the source. Several graphics found on the web are included without attribution. Any graphic material that is deemed to infringe on another's copyright will be promptly removed upon formal notification by the copyright holder.

Lectures given by guest speakers are gratefully acknowledged:

Lecture Slides (pdf)

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 MAE 342, Space System Design

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