Syllabus for

Space System Design

MAE 342, Spring 2008, Mon Wed 1:30-2:50 pm

J-201, Engineering Quadrangle

Robert F. Stengel

Princeton University
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Week    Monday                          Wednesday
====    =======                         ========

1	Introduction,			Launch Vehicle Design: Propulsion
        History of Space Systems

2 	Launch Vehicle Design: 		Launch Vehicle Design: Configurations
3 	Manned Spacecraft		Earth Satellite Environment and Orbits

4	Spacecraft Configuration	Planetary Rover Design

5       Satellites and Space Probes	Spacecraft Structures
6	Spacecraft Structures		Flight Path Guidance,
					Navigation, and Control


7	Attitude Dynamics		First-Half Exam
8 	Attitude Dynamics		Mechanisms
9	Communications and		Spacecraft Sensors and			
       	Data Transfer			Actuators                 	
10	Attitude Control		Electric Power Subsystems

11	Thermal Control			Flight Computers and
12	Systems Engineering and		Second-Half Exam


	TERM PAPER (due: Dean's Date)

 MAE 342, Space System Design
key words: spacecraft, launch vehicles, space environment, propulsion, rockets, communication, power, structures, control systems, system engineering, project management
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