Syllabus for

Robotics and Intelligent Systems

MAE 345, Fall 2015, Tuesday and Thursday, 3-4:20

J-201, Engineering Quadrangle

Robert F. Stengel

Princeton University
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Week    Tuesday                         Thursday
====    =======                         ========

1					1.  Overview and Preliminaries

2 	2.  Mobile Robots, Position,	3.  Flying Robots, Motion, and
	    and Orientation		    Dynamics

3 	4.  Equations of Motion and 	5.  Transformations, Path
	    Articulated Robots		    Planning, and Trajectories

4	6.  Time Response of		7.  Dynamic Effects of
	    Dynamic Systems		    Feedback Control 
5	8.  Analog and Digital		9.  Sensors and Actuators
	    Control Systems
6       10. Introduction to 		11. Numerical Optimization          

7	12. Dynamic Optimal Control	13. Formal Logic, Algorithms,
	    				    and Incompleteness	


8	14. Computers, Computing, 	15. Probability and Statistics
	    and Sets 	
9 	16. Classification of 	 	17. Introduction to Neural
	    Data Sets			    Networks	
10	18. Neural Networks		    PRESENTATIONS	 
11	19. Communication, Information,	    THANKSGIVING
	    and Machine Learning

12	20. State Estimation		21. Stochastic Control
13	22. Parameter Estimation and	23. Task Planning and
	    Adaptive Control	    	    Multi-Agent Systems		 			



Reference Materials

All reading material for the course is accessible on the Internet, much of it compiled in Robotics and Intelligent Systems: A Virtual Reference Book and in the lecture slides. Current course materials and assignments are posted on Blackboard at Princeton. Lecture materials for the 2015 course offering can be found at Lecture Slides.

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 MAE 345, Robotics and Intelligent Systems
key words: robotics, intelligent systems, control systems, robot vehicles, industrial robots, optimization, numerical methods, neural networks, expert systems, task planning, Monte Carlo evaluation
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