Optimal Control and Estimation
MAE 546

Robert Stengel

Princeton University

School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Spring 2015, Tuesday and Thursday, 3-4:20 pm
Engineering Quadrangle

Week    Tuesday                         Thursday
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1	Overview and Preliminaries	Minimization of Static Cost Functions

2 	Principles for Optimal Control	Principles for Optimal Control,
	of Dynamic Systems, Part 1 	Part 2]

3 	Path Constraints and 		Minimum-Time and Minimum-Fuel	
	Numerical Optimization		Trajectory Optimization	
4	Neighboring-Optimal Control	Dynamic System Stability 

5	Linear-Quadratic Regulators	Cost Functions and 		 
					Controller Structures		

6	Linear-Quadratic Control	Modal Properties of		
	System Design			LQ Systems			

7	Spectral Properties 		Singular-Value Analysis of LQ Systems
	of LQ Systems 											
8	Probability and Statistics	Least-Squares Estimation	  	
					for Static Systems			 
9       Propagation of Uncertainty in	State Estimation (Kalman Filter)	 		 	
	Dynamic Systems			for Discrete-Time Systems									
10	State Estimation		Nonlinear State Estimation	
	(Kalman-Bucy Filter) for	(Extended Kalman Filters)	
	Continuous-Time Systems

11	Nonlinear State Estimation	Adaptive State Estimation		
	(Sigma-Points Filters)			

12	Stochastic Optimal Control	Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian (LQG) Control	


	[Final Paper due on "Dean's Date"]

Seminar Slides for Optimal Control and Estimation

 Optimal Control and Estimation, MAE 546
key words: optimization, optimal control, probability theory, statistics, optimal state estimation, control systems, nonlinear control, adaptive control.
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