Stephan Fueglistaler
Associate Professor, Dept. of Geosciences.
Director, Princeton Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOS)
Guyot Hall
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544, USA.
Welcome! We work on atmospheric problems ranging from cloud microphysics, radiation to large-scale dynamics. Our primary interests are mechanisms of interactions between different processes on different scales, and how this interaction leads to the climate as we know it.
Yi Zhang
Yi Zhang, Graduate Student.
Yi is working on the control of global average rainfall, and the processes controlling the large-scale spatial patterns in tropical convection. We have not yet figured out an adequate project for the guy on the left, though.
Aaron Match
Aaron Match, Graduate student.
Aaron is working on stratospheric dynamics, with a focus of the evolution of the stratospheric Brewer-Dobson circulation in the aftermath of large volcanic eruptions. Observations suggest a rather different stratospheric circulation afer the eruption of Pinatubo compared to El-Chichon, which may be of great relevance in the context of stratospheric "geo-engineering" proposals.
Maximilien Bolot
Maximilien Bolot,Postdoctoral Research Associate.
Max is working on tropical convection, troposphere-to-stratosphere transport, and dehydration in the tropical tropopause layer with a focus on thin cirrus clouds.
Nadir Jeevanjee
Nadir Jeevanjee, Hess Fellow.
Nadir is a Hess Fellow of the Department of Geosciences, working with me and Prof. Vecchi on theoretical aspects of radiative-convective equilibria, and the relation between the atmospheric general circulation and the hydrological cycle. His homepage with more information is here.
Jie He
Jie He,Postdoctoral Research Associate.
Jie is working with me and Prof. Vecchi on the climate dynamics of past "warm" climates, with a special focus on the climate of the Cretaceous. His homepage with more information is here.

Associates and collaborators

Tra Dinh
Tra Dinh, Lecturer, Dept. pf Physics, Auckland University.
Tra is a former Postdoctoral Research Associate and we continue our collaboration on clouds in the Tropical Tropopause Layer, with a focus on the dynamical conditions leading to clouds, and, conversely, the impact of cloud radiative heating perturbations on dynamics. (more)
Shawn Cheeks
Shawn Cheeks, Graduate Student.
Shawn works with Steve Garner on mesoscale systems in the US; we collaborate on aspects of the analysis of the observational data.
Adrian Tasistro-Hart
Adrian Tasistro-Hart, Graduate Student at ETH Zurich.
Adrian is a former Princeton Geosciences undergraduate student with Prof. Maloof. We collaborate on numerical simulations of climate during the Cretaceous, with a focus on the hydrology of the Potosi basin. He can be contacted at adrianta-at-student.ethz.ch.


Graduate students:
Tom Flannaghan
Tom Flannaghan
Tom has been working on Kelvin waves in the tropical atmosphere, and temperature trends in the tropics. He currently works at Cantab Partners, Cambridge, United Kingdom. See some of his work here.
Claire Radley
Claire Radley
Claire has been working on the global radiative balance, with a focus on the role of clouds and the question how local model biases may affect the models' response to perturbations. She is now at McKinsey.
Miguel Gomez-Escolar
Miguel Gomez-Escolar
Miguel, a visitor from U. Complutense in Madrid, has been working on sudden stratospheric warmings, and their impact on the tropical stratosphere. He is now at BTG Pactual Commodities.

Postdoctoral research associates
Sue Liu
Yu (Sue) Liu
Sue has been working on troposphere-to-stratosphere transport, and dehydration in the TTL. She is now at Edinburgh University; her homepage is here.
Jonathon Wright
Jonathon Wright
Jonathon has been working on the role of the Asian monsoon for troposphere-to-stratosphere transport, and on the diabatic heat budget in reanalysis data. He is now Associate Professor at Tsinghua University. His homepage is here.
Martin Jucker
Martin Jucker
Martin has been working with Geoff Vallis and myself on the structure and dynamics of the stratosphere using GFDL's dynamical core. His webpage is here.
Jian Du
Jian Du-Caines, PhD., now Assistant Professor, Louisville University (KT).

Undergraduate students:
Garnet Abrams
Garnet Abrams, BSc., now at Schlumberger. Garnet analysed and interpreted data from the HIPPO campaign.
Jonathan Lin
Jonathan Lin, Computer Sciences major.
Jonathan is interested in statistical aspects of weather prediction, with a focus on Hurricanes. For his senior thesis, he analyses numerical model predictions with advanced statistical methods.
Sydney Mandelbaum
Sydney Mandelbaum, Geosciences major.
Sydney is analysing Earth's energy balance at the top of the atmosphere, with a focus on the role of clouds for hemispheric asymmetries of today's climate.