Stephan Fueglistaler
Assistant Professor.
Dept. of Geosciences / Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Guyot Hall
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544, USA.
Welcome! We work on atmospheric problems ranging from cloud microphysics, radiation to large-scale dynamics. Our primary interests are mechanisms of interactions between different processes on different scales, and how this interaction leads to the climate as we know it.

[2014/07/08] Claire's new paper on high clouds is accepted @GRL. Congratulations!
[2014/07/03] Well, this website is new.
Tra Dinh
Tra Dinh, Postdoctoral Research Associate.
Tra is working on clouds in the Tropical Tropopause Layer, with a focus on the dynamical conditions leading to clouds, and, conversely, the impact of cloud radiative heating perturbations on dynamics. (more)
Tom Flannaghan
Tom Flannaghan, Research Associate.
Tom is working on Kelvin waves in the tropical atmosphere, and just about anything else we study in our group. (more)
Martin Jucker
Martin Jucker, Postdoctoral Research Associate.
Martin is working with Geoff Vallis and myself on the structure and dynamics of the stratosphere using GFDL's dynamical core. He is also an expert in computer animations, as you can see on his homepage. (more)
Claire Radley
Claire Radley, PhD Student.
Claire is working on the global radiative balance, with a focus on the role of clouds and the question how local model biases may affect the models' response to perturbations. (more)

Alumni & Visitors

Garnet Abrams
Garnet Abrams, BSc., now at Schlumberger.
Sue Liu
Yu (Sue) Liu, PhD., now PostDoc Edinburgh University.
Jonathon Wright
Jonathon Wright, PhD., now Associate Professor, Tsinghua University.
Jian Du
Jian Du-Caines, PhD., now Assistant Professor, Louisville University (KT).
Miguel Gomez-Escolar
Miguel Gomez-Escolar, PhD., now at BTG Pactual Commodities.